Grandpa is Getting a Workout

Sacramento March 2012

Looking at my Grandma


The "Big Rock"

So there is this "big rock" traveling through SoCal, and it's kind of a big deal.
Lots of people had to drive to come see it--not us...
We could see it right from the back yard!


Hi! My name is Sheriff Woody...

Auntie Fer bought Evan a new Woody doll with a real pull-string
and check out the new fancy velour hat from Tia Danee! What a lucky cowboy!

Proud Big Brother

I'm a Cowgirl Baby

February 2012

Rosie Meets Gma Vera

Check out those cheeks!

Check Out the Cowboy Taking Care of His Sis!

I Laugh In My Sleep


Look at the Kitty!

Sassy Like My Mama

February 2012

My First Bath...

Auntie Fer says I'm a frog princess

Happy Valentine's Day 2012

Evan Meets Rosie

Introducing Rosalie...

Rosalie Kristin Quattrocchi
February 9, 2012

I Got a New Hat!

January 2012

Loading Up All My Friends in My New Car

Look What Megan and Bill Got Me For Christmas!

Evan Being a Ham as Usual

December 2011